Are You Thinking Of Having Reversal For Your Vasectomy Surgery?

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One good tip to having a successful vasectomy reversal is the surgeon. You need to choose a skilled experienced surgeon who can perform the microsurgery. Vasectomy is one of the permanent forms of contraception. Although it can be reversed, it definitely requires a good surgeon to raise your probability for success.

The microsurgery uses a different technology that requires specific skill, knowledge, and experience to become successful. Your probability for success starts with the original vasectomy procedure surgeon, then to the surgeon for the reversal procedure, and the technique use for the reversal procedure. The technique and the technology used during the reversal procedure play a major role in determining the success rate of your ability to conceive a child.

Technology is not a thing to play with. Technology especially microsurgery is a very delicate thing to consider. This is the main reason that you need to choose your surgeon carefully because the skill and the knowledge of the surgeon could deal well with the kind of technique and technology that your intricate reversal procedure requires.

Selecting a Surgeon

You need to know the qualifications of the surgeon as well as the kind of fertilization process that the surgeon specializes. It is important that you know the experience of the surgeon concerning the process and the expected success rate of the procedure. You also need to learn about the doctor's past patients' success rate and the reason for failure. Careful selection is needed to increase your success rate especially if you decide to undergo the procedure 3 years or more after the vasectomy.

Skill is crucial because of the micro suturing technique required in the reversal procedure. Please remember that there are other factors affecting your rate of success. There are times that you still achieve lower rate of success after the reversal procedure because of the other factors. It is important that you inquire about the other factors first before you decide on submitting to the reversal vasectomy. Undergoing the procedure gives no guarantee for impregnating your partner. Select your surgeon carefully and ask your questions.

Several surgeons and doctors will try to make money out of your desire to conceive a baby the natural way. They would offer other fertility options that may not suit your body condition and sperm health. Some would even offer money back guarantee packages to make the offer more attractive. It is important that you make a little research about vasectomy and the reversal process. This will help you understand what the surgeon does during the reversal procedure as well as what happen to the sperm from the date you cut your vas deferens tubes. This information will guide you in selecting your surgeon.

Information You Need to Find

Try to find out more information about the following
1. cost of the procedure
2. outcome of the surgery
3. success rate of the surgery
4. technique use in the reversal process
5. probability of success for the recommended technique
6. time that you would probably have a baby
7. risks involved

The responses to your queries will help you decide about the fertility option, the doctor, and the process. Other fertility options might deliver more promise of desired fertility. However, you need to understand the process and the risks involved in each option especially the success rate.
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Are You Thinking Of Having Reversal For Your Vasectomy Surgery?

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This article was published on 2010/10/13