Choosing a Tubal Reversal Surgeon

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It goes without saying that any type of surgery is serious. In deciding to have tubal reversal surgery there are couples that put many hours into finding just the right physician. But, never give up on your search it is possible to find an excellent tubal reversal surgeon.

Some of the basic qualities that couples look for are:

· Does the surgeon concentrate just on tubal reversal surgery and fallopian tube repair? Many surgeons do not concentrate just in this field. But, there are surgeons that do concentrate just in this type of surgery and handle more of the more complicated cases.

· How is the staff and physicians response time to patient questions and concerns? This is something that is easily tested before even making a final decision. If the phone keeps ringing and there is no human to help you have your answer. If you email and a week later nothing, well it's written in black and white.

· Can the surgeon produce viable pregnancy statistics? This does not mean just saying numbers. Can he/she give you concrete evidence?

· Is there a website? Many tubal reversal surgeons still do not have websites. In this day and age the Internet is a valuable learning tool for women and couples trying to gather information to make an informed decision. If there is a website is there a message board?

· What are the previous patients saying? This can be one of the most valuable research tools employed. If there is a message board on the website look and see what the previous patients write about. Are they happy with the care they received? What others have to say about the center will set the tone for how others perceive the surgeon and staff.

· Many times after a patient leaves a tubal reversal surgery center they are not followed- up on. Does the surgeon follow-up on his/her patients? If a patient becomes pregnant what is the procedure for follow-up care? Does the surgeon want to know and be kept informed? This is something that is very important, as levels need to be checked and to make sure there are no pregnancy complications.

· Is the staff professional and caring? A patient can have the best surgeon available but if the staff is not caring and cold than this can make for a very uncomfortable experience.

Choosing to have tubal reversal surgery is a very personal decision and one that will change your life forever. Being informed and making an educated decision is the best thing that can be done.

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Choosing a Tubal Reversal Surgeon

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This article was published on 2010/04/01
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