Six Signs For A Reputable Plastic Surgeon

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A plastic surgeon will change your appearance and alter your life. You want to make sure that the one that you select is a reputable one. Here are 6 signs of a stellar plastic surgeon.

1) Reputation: This is an extremely important criterion for evaluating a prospective doctor. A person's reputation speaks volumes about who they actually are. They can look good on paper, but word of mouth will tell the full story. This information can come from friends, co-workers, or your family physician's office. Former patients will be able to tell you about their experience from all angles.

2) "Before & After" photos: If you evaluate a prospective cosmetic surgeon's work, look at a wide selection of his or her "before and after" photos. Don't just look at one or two that may be posted on the website. These will likely be the best of the bunch. Look at as many as possible. It is important to look at examples of the procedures that you're interested in but looking at a variety will give a wide view of this doctor's aesthetic eye.

3) Training: Not just any surgeon is trained to perform the intricacy of cosmetic procedures. Look for a candidate who has been board certified in the field of plastic surgery. Most doctors will refine their specializations even further. Some will have focused on facial techniques while others may have concentrated on the whole body or reconstructive methods. Make certain your prospective doc is well trained.

4) Experience Level: These complex operations require substantial hands on experience. For example, if you're planning to have a rhinoplasty, during the initial consultation appointment, ask how many of these surgeries he or she has done. You don't want to be only the second nose job on his or her resume.

5) Professional office atmosphere: A surgeon's office atmosphere will greatly reflect how this doctor operates. Are the clerical workers and nurses welcoming and professional? Is there a relaxed and happy vibe in the airwaves? Are they prompt, courteous and adept at communication? This is all a reflection of the way the surgeon treats people and will, in turn, treat his or her patients. Pay attention to atmosphere.

6) Relationship chemistry click: The relationship between doctor and patient is an intimate and important one. Like all relationships, there must be a chemistry click in order for it to be successful. He or she may have great skill but if you feel uncomfortable in each other's presence, it's never going to work.

Follow these 6 tips for locating a reputable plastic surgeon and you'll be glad you did.
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Six Signs For A Reputable Plastic Surgeon

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This article was published on 2010/11/02