The importance of a qualified LASIK surgeon

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LASIK has both pros and cons. Its positive side is that the surgery will bring vision improvement, natural eye beauty and absolute convenience. They will very probably enable those patients to stay away from the hassles brought by prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses. Its downside is that there are potential risks and postoperative complications. Severe dry eye, eye irritation, eye infection, undercorrection, overcorrection are among them. In fact, it is these concerning facts that deserve the patients' extra consideration, rather than those excessively advocated benefits. It is these negative reports that should take LASIK candidates to evaluate the surgery's details carefully.


Choosing a good surgeon is the most effective and ensuring means possible to minimize these risks and complications mentioned before, if a patient is greatly determined to receive the LASIK surgery. It is a fact that the surgery can be normally finished within thirty minutes and only causes minimal discomfort. However, the eye to be cured is quite delicate, not to mention that a laser will be used during the procedure. Any tiny mishap will lead to a disappointing result. In this case, the surgeon's skill and experience play a decisive role. A qualified and skilled surgeon will maximize the surgical success rate or minimize the incidence of unwanted outcomes.


While assessing a LASIK surgeon, there are many jobs that can be done. First of all, it is necessary to make clear that whether the surgeon is honest about the possibility of surgical risks and complications. Secondly, the patient should also check the point that whether the surgeon is honest about whether he receives bonuses from LASIK equipment manufacturer. This kind of surgeons should be precluded, because they will tend to carry out as many procedures as possible without quality guarantee. They only want to get more in bonuses from the equipment suppliers. Other factors include the area the surgery will be performed, the surgeon's certifications and training.


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The importance of a qualified LASIK surgeon

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This article was published on 2010/10/14